Monday, February 20, 2017

A Gift: Round Two

Our family is expanding, and we're expecting our second sweet pea around September 1st!

We are incredibly grateful the Lord has granted us the opportunity to be parents to yet another one of His miracles. We share this news with thankful hearts as we remember the baby we lost last summer from a partial molar pregnancy. Through the grief, the Lord remained so faithful to us. We praise Him for His goodness. With this new season, we hope to continue to celebrate our joy while also being sensitive to those grieving or processing their own journey.

I am also incredibly thankful and excited to announce that I will be working part-time next year! It is such a blessing. It will hold many new challenges, but we are very grateful for the opportunity, and I am SO excited for my extra time with Will and the new baby. Especially since he starts pre-school at St. Pete's this fall.

We are deeply appreciative of friends and family who continue to love us and celebrate these blessings with us!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm still here!

Wow, it's been awhile! I had the best intentions to blog about Christmas (I haven't even put the pictures on our computer yet...), but we all came down with the flu, I started back up at work, and it's just been all out nutty. Work has been so busy with evaluations, behavior plans, student needs. Some days I'm barely making it. It has calmed a little bit the past week, so I'm grateful. Especially because I have another cold. My fifth one this school year...but who is counting?!

I think my body has been telling me I need to slow down (clearly), but sometimes that doesn't seem possible. I have decided that I am going to cease selling Stella for now. I freakin' love that jewelry, but my goals for 2017 are to simplify our life--cut out the extras we don't absolutely need and focus on what really matters. Losing a baby this past summer/fall really prompted me to look at how I use my time.

No update on Corey's job yet. He passed all the health exams, so now we wait to see when his five month training is. Some are speculating spring...but who knows :)

We have some house projects that we're getting done and saving for. We finally purchased a ceiling fan for the living room, so that will be installed soon. We've also got some plans to redo our back patio and make it user-friendly this summer. I'm dreaming of spending summer out back! We're also planning to put luxury vinyl in Will's bathroom (it currently is partially covered in carpet...gross), and we hope to look for new couches at some point. We are very grateful for the opportunity to change things up and make our home fresh. Oh, and I put up a few valentines decor items...because why not? Candy hearts are seriously the only gift I want each year.

And on a SUPER happy note, my best friend delivered her second baby boy yesterday!!!!! We are over the moon excited! I seriously cannot wait to meet Wes. He is absolutely adorable :) 

Not many other updates right now. Praising God for the blessings He has already provided, learning to trust Him more, and trying to determine how I can better serve others. Definitely a work in progress...

Also, I may have mentioned her before, but if you don't follow gracelaced on instagram yet you totally should. I find her artwork and words incredibly encouraging. She even has a shoppe found here. This was a recent post that has been constantly on my mind.

Hoping you were able to soak up some sun today as I did!