Monday, February 20, 2017

A Gift: Round Two

Our family is expanding, and we're expecting our second sweet pea around September 1st!

We are incredibly grateful the Lord has granted us the opportunity to be parents to yet another one of His miracles. We share this news with thankful hearts as we remember the baby we lost last summer from a partial molar pregnancy. Through the grief, the Lord remained so faithful to us. We praise Him for His goodness. With this new season, we hope to continue to celebrate our joy while also being sensitive to those grieving or processing their own journey.

I am also incredibly thankful and excited to announce that I will be working part-time next year! It is such a blessing. It will hold many new challenges, but we are very grateful for the opportunity, and I am SO excited for my extra time with Will and the new baby. Especially since he starts pre-school at St. Pete's this fall.

We are deeply appreciative of friends and family who continue to love us and celebrate these blessings with us!


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