Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's a...


We are thrilled to share that we are having another boy! We were able to find out the gender exceptionally early, so it has been fun having this sweet little one seem more real.

On Friday we had a casual gender reveal with family. Will pulled out a blue stuffed animal from a bag. My parents will now have seven grandsons and no shot at any granddaughters! It will also make zero girls and three boys for the Osbeck side.

We will name the baby Callan Clair. There is really no significance to the first or middle names except that we just liked them...and apparently all the boys in our family need girl middle names? :P 

Although I still feel anxious each day, focusing on the name/nursery have been positive distractions. Here are a few sneak peeks for the safari theme.

Again we are deeply grateful for this little blessing. I think I will feel cautious the entire pregnancy, but we are choosing to focus on the exciting times ahead. Thank you to all who have shared in our joy!


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