Friday, March 31, 2017

Our Home in 5 Years

We moved into our home five years ago, and each year we've been able to make it more our own. I was going to do before/after of most of the rooms, but then that seemed like a lot of work ;) We've been able to update our main floor in significant ways the past year, so here's some updated pictures of our living room at least:

This spring we are looking forward to redoing the patio underneath our deck to make it more user-friendly. As in, we can actually use it! We're getting concrete laid, adding some textiles and florals, and changing up the seating. Will has been asking for a "tall excavator" for his birthday, so we're excited to surprise him with a digger (hello cheap on amazon!) which will also go in the back.

We also moved Will to a twin bed last month! The beloved teepee went to the basement, and now he has a tiny reading corner. Maggie has been enjoying sleeping with Will (and waking him up too early!) too

These home updates are most important to us because we want to utilize the space we have and ensure others feel welcomed and comfortable while in our home. Although we've done less hosting the past few months, we are eager to have friends and family over more this summer before baby arrives!


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